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Symone Center for Theatre Arts was founded in March of 2010 and transformed into Symone Center for the Arts in the Fall of 2018. The vision of the revitalized SCTA is to uplift, empower and cultivate the community through powerful arts interaction. Using the universal language of the arts to promote empathy, heal, bring together communities, and transform our daily lives.

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Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment that will continuously cultivate a diverse array of artistry in a consistent showcase of talents in order to develop skills, expand horizons, and empower communities.


Symone Center for the Arts is a community performing arts, enrichment, and development organization that targets a diverse array of artists. The arts can be used as a powerful tool for self-expression, social involvement, and social justice. SCTA aims to use the arts to provide artists with an opportunity to create while incorporating themes of community, identity, and expression. In a supportive environment, artists will flourish intellectually, emotionally, and introspectively.

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